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High Efficiency Solar Panels

High efficiency solar panels from San Jose-based SunPower are engineered and assembled in North America and produce the most solar energy in an available space. The output per panel can be over 30% greater with a high efficiency model than a conventional one. Additional efficiency results from application of Anti-Reflective Coating to panel glass. Equally important, the black panel on black frame construction provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance for any installation. Last, SunPower systems come with a 25 year all-inclusive warranty – panels, inverters, parts and labor – the best in the industry.


bullet Space Utilization (Watts/sq ft) bullet Manufacturer lease financing Best Warranty in the Industry!
bullet All Black Appearance bullet Corporate Bankability
bullet Anti-Reflective Coating bullet USA-based Company  

These Panels are Best for...

Customers with limited roof space, large utility bills, and those who prefer the aesthetics of all-black panels. By dramatically increasing the yield of the solar systems footprint, customers will realize their energy targets with fewer panels and achieve a higher return-on-investment. Our customers with battery backup systems favor high-efficiency panels to keep their batteries charged during the variable weather seasons when batteries are most needed. High efficiency modules are also perfectly suited for customers who own or are planning to purchase an electric vehicle which will increase energy demand. Call us today to learn more about the value of high efficiency panels on your home or business.


ACPV Solar Panels

ACPV (Alternating Current Photovoltaics) is a solar technology that uses AC Modules – an integrated solar panel and microinverter all-in-one assembly. An inverter for each panel eliminates the “whole string” dependency effect (where if a portion of a string fails, they all fail) and allows for greater design flexibility. The independence of each AC module permits the array to spread over roof segments with different orientations and shade conditions. Aesthetically, since the inverters are mounted underneath each panel on the roof, ACPV does not have a large inverter mounted at ground level and can provide better wiring options while using less metal conduit.


bullet Design Flexibility bullet Module-Level Throughput 25 Year Warranty!
bullet No Large Wall Inverter bullet Expandability
bullet Shade Tolerance  

These Panels are Best for...

Customers who do not have the roof space for a rectangular array of panels (the typical solar panel configuration), or who have shade from trees affecting an area of the roof. ACPV is also preferred by customers interested in building their array over time, because ACPV eliminates the losses due to combining different batches of panels. ACPV also allows a customer to expand their existing PV system without needing additional space for another wall-mounted inverter.


Conventional Solar Panels

Conventional solar panels are ideal for many purposes, particularly to suit the budget for various residential projects. However, they may also be rated at a lower rate of efficiency when compared to other panels Freedom Solar offers. A configuration with conventional solar panels may also require a wall–mounted inverter to generate electricity.


bullet Competitive Pricing bullet Standard MFG Processes 25 Year Warranty!
bullet Inverter Flexibility bullet Product Availability
bullet Tier 1 Brands  

These Panels are Best for...

Customers interested in efficient solar panels that are less expensive and who have the roof space for a traditional rectangular array. Freedom Solar only installs conventional panels from top tier manufacturers so system owners can always be assured that their investment will perform reliably. And by accessing a catalog of panels from competing brands and distributors, Freedom Solar can always provide customers with excellent pricing and product availability.

Hybrid Solar Panels

Hybrid solar panel configurations are used for solar thermal applications, which usually means heating hot water for use in heated pools or spas. Hybrid set-ups combine traditional solar panels with underlying solar thermal collectors, while simultaneously providing the added benefit of cooling the panel’s cells.

All of the solar panel technologies offered by Freedom Solar can be fitted with under-panel solar hot water collectors thus converting them to hybrid panels. Freedom Solar works alongside the solar hot water collector manufacturer to design hybrid solar systems to customize your solar hot water supply.

We Can Help You Choose

With 25+ years of experience our solar experts can help you choose the right type of panel for your situation. Whether it is aesthetics, or production efficiency or budgetary concerns, Freedom Solar will help you make the right choice for your home.

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