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Solar Consultation

With Freedom Solar you will meet a solar consultant at your home who is much more than a salesperson. Your consultant will listen to your cost reduction goals, ask about your energy usage and history, walk your roof, and address all your questions. Your solar investment will be a part of your home’s value for 25 years or more and we believe this value is only enhanced by your input.

Solar Design

At Freedom Solar, the solar consultant who spoke with you and measured your roof will lead the design of your solar array. Our consultants are manufacturer-trained to apply the best components to meet your requirements and aesthetic priorities. As a testament to design accuracy and installation quality, Freedom Solar systems have an unequaled first-inspection pass rate.

System Installation

Freedom Solar has the best installation team in the Bay Area. From the moment your system is permitted and scheduled, be assured that our crew will take the greatest care in transporting, mounting, and integrating your solar system with your home. Freedom Solar installers have experience working on every type of roof and all brands of residential solar equipment.

System Monitoring

Freedom Solar provides web-based monitoring to our customers as an option. This service provides the customer with web-based tools to monitor their system's connectivity and solar generation on an ongoing basis, from daily monitoring all the way up to lifetime energy produced. Customers love the capability to view solar production and also generate reports so they can be confident in earning the greatest return on their investment.


Battery Storage Systems

Battery Storage

There has been a lot of news recently about battery storage systems and Freedom Solar believes strongly in the value and benefits of having a such a system installed in addition to your solar configuration. Whether you include a battery system at the same time as your solar installation or at a subsequent date, the benefits are immediate. Battery storage systems can provide you with more energy independence, comfort and security during the night or during energy outages. In addition, by using energy "banked" in your battery system, you can power appliances with inexpensive energy during the times of day that rates are the highest. Having a state-of-the-art battery pack to store the solar energy produced during the daytime and being able to utilize that stored energy at your convenience is a huge benefit for solar homeowners.

Free Solar Quote or Panel Layout

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