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Freedom Solar customers see a dramatic reduction in their utility bills after solar panels are installed. Studies have shown an increase in resale value of 10-15% above similar homes without solar. Learn More

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With Freedom solar you get more! We care about you and your home. We work hard to make sure we are adding to the beauty of your home, while a getting the best configuration for producing power. Learn More

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Solar can save you money! With no upfront costs, and many financing options, we help make Solar an affordable, cost-effective solution for you and your family. So get your free solar assessment today, so you can stop paying those costly electrical bills. Book Your Free Assessment Now!

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Freedom Solar offers solar solutions for apartments, hotels, shopping centers and industrial buildings. Free solar assessments are available for businesses. See how much you can save with solar today.
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Welcome to Freedom Solar

Freedom Solar, Inc. is a full-service provider of affordable, custom solar photovoltaic (PV) systems for homes and businesses in the SF Bay Area. Because of our experience with a wide variety of installations, Freedom Solar is uniquely qualified to install solar PV on all types of roofs: concrete, clay or metal tile, metal seam, wood shake, or composition, plus all types of flat roofs. If roof space is at a premium, our solar PV systems can also be ground-mounted if there is available space. And by using the most efficient and cost-effective panels, Freedom Solar helps keep the price affordable for all homeowners looking to maximize their solar investment.

Offering Solar Solutions that Meet Your Needs

Freedom Solar designs a customized PV system for every customer to reflect the best combination of site details, energy savings, and budget. Freedom Solar works with the area’s finest homebuilders and roofers to provide high quality solar systems that add significant value to new homes and major remodels. Every solar PV system has the option for web-based production monitoring to assure maximum output. Freedom Solar provides a complete technology portfolio to satisfy the requirements of every homeowner for project budgets, energy production and system aesthetics - plus ancillary energy services like electric vehicle car charging, battery backup and pool heating.

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